Central Europe is the home of the dumpling and all its numerous family.  In no other part of the world does a bit of dough or batter do so much for so many and in so many different ways.  Dumplings are cooked in soups, steamed or cooked in boiling water for main dish accompaniments or even  wrapped around fresh fruits for desserts.  They may be made from flour or from grated potato or from cereals, of quick bread dough or raised dough.  They come in all sizes and may have blended into them, depending on their function in the meal, all sorts of seasonings.   Sometimes texture contrast is supplied by adding croutons. Many dishes would seem incomplete without dumplings and noodles, such as pot roast and potato dumplings. Often times, sauces are prepared to accompany the dumplings and we can show you how through our many high end recipes you won’t find on other web sites.




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